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Welcome to the Citrine Download Centre.
Here you can download new and previous editions of the Citrine Programming Language.
Note that Citrine is still in alpha phase, be careful.
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Citrine 0.8.4

Released 10 August 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.8.3

Released 4 August 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.8.2

Released 27 July 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.8.1

Released 22 July 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.8

Released 14 July 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.18

Released 6 July 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.17

Released 1 July 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.16

Released 22 June 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.15

Released 16 June 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.14

Released 9 June 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.13

Released 1 June 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.12

Released 26 May 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.11

Released 21 May 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.10

Released 5 May 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.9

Released 26 April 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.8

Released 3 March 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.7

Released: 3 february 2018, Changelog.

Citrine 0.7.6

Released: January 2018, Changelog.


Every new package in the Citrine Download Center is accompanied by a SHA 256 checksum. To verify the integrity of the package, compare the checksum of the file like this:

$ sha256sum citrineX_X_X_linux64.tar.gz_

The output of the command listed above should match the SHA 256 checksum number next to your download package. After verifying the checksum, extract the Citrine Programming Language files from the tar gz archive. Depending on the operating system you use you can use, the tar command to decompress the files.

$ tar zxvf citrineX_X_X_linux64.tar.gz_

Please be aware that these commands can have subtle differences from platform to platform. In case of doubt, please consult the manual of these commands on your operating system of choice using the man command. After extracting the archive in the folder of choice, you can invoke the Citrine Programming Language like this:


Citrine Programming Language V X.X.X
Written by Gabor de Mooij (c) copyright 20XX, Licensed BSD.


If the program has been installed correctly, upon invoking the ctr command you will see the welcome message above. The Citrine Programmer's Manual has been included in the package and can be viewed using the man command like this:

$ man ctr.1_

If you did install Citrine through the use of the package manager of your distribution, you can also simply type: man ctr because in that case, most likely, Citrine and its manual have been installed globally. On some systems you need mandoc to view the manual file. The contents of the manual file are the same as the API section on this website. Both have been generated using a Citrine program called sman which extracts API documentation from source code. To run a Citrine Program, simply invoke the ctr binary followed by the name of your program (if it resides in the current working directory) or the path to your program. To start programming in the Citrine Language, go to the homepage of the Citrine Website for a quick start guide. After that, you can proceed to the API documentation. Note that the API documentation is very extensive and will be improved all the time. I'll also try to include lots of examples for people to study the language. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Citrine Programming Language Manual, please contact me. If you have any ideas or contributions for the manual, feel free to share them.


The Citrine Programming language supports various platforms. Personally, I try to create releases for Linux 64 bit and OpenBSD. However, community efforts have shown that Citrine can run on Mac OS X and FreeBSD as well. If you like to help package the Citrine Programming Language contact me, just send me an email. Any help is greatly appreciated. I would appreciate some help to support MacOS, FreeBSD and NetBSD. But packages for other systems are appreciated as well. If you are a maintainer of a Linux distribution and you would like to include Citrine as part of your distro, please contact me, I like to provide any assistance needed to make Citrine part of your distribution. As far as I know, based on unofficial channels, Citrine should be available as part of the extended RedHat Linux distributions and Solus Linux. Citrine is only available for UNIX-like operating systems. Other operating systems are supported by the community and 3rd parties. The Citrine Programming Language only runs on intel compatible processors at the moment. If you would like to help porting the language to any other architectures, please feel free to contact me by e-mail and we can discuss the matter.


Looking for older versions of Citrine? Not all older versions of the Citrine programming language are available at the moment. If you are looking for a specific release, please send me an e-mail. I will try to extend the archive for historical reasons. Please do not use these older versions in production environments.

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