New Language

This language is not yet supported - but that can change....

Help us support a new language! If you translate one single file I will release a new version of Citrine in your language!

STEP 1: Download the Citrine translation file.

STEP 2: Open the translation file with a plain text editor replace the English words between the double quotes with your translation. Do not use the same translation twice. Leave the following special symbols intact
: (colon)
%s (percentage symbols followed by a letter)
\n (newline character symbol)
So if the original text does NOT contain a colon, do not add one. If the original text DOES contain a colon, do not remove that one.

STEP 3: the new file to: gabordemooij at gaborsoftware dot nl. In your e-mail state the name of the language or dialect and optionally (if you like) add a translation of the introduction text or summary, like (NL or EN).

DONE! Keep an eye on this website as a new Citrine version supporting your language will appear soon!

The Citrine Programming Language Project