Request host: [string] listen: [string] pid: [string] callback: [block]. | Manual

Request host: [string] listen: [string] pid: [string] callback: [block].

Sets up Storm Server. Storm Server is an SCGI server. Both the Request Object Plugin and Storm Server are based on S. Losen's CCGI library ( licensed LGPL. To set up a Storm Server, specify host (i.e. 'localhost'), a port to listen to (i.e. 9000) a pid file '/var/run/' and a callback block.

 Request host:'localhost' listen:4000 pid:'/var/run/' callback: {
  Pen write: 'Content-type: text/html\\n\\n'.
  var fname  := Command env: 'DOCUMENT_URI'.
  var script := File new: '/var/www/webapp'+fname.
  script include.
 Here we set up a server listening to port 4000. The callback prints out
 the content type header. Then, we extract the DOCUMENT URI, i.e. '/hello.ctr'
 and map this to a path '/var/www/webapp/hello.ctr'
 By default there is no output buffering, either create another callback or
 simply override the '<' or 'Pen' object to buffer instead of outputting

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