For an overview of features that have already been implemented (i.e. the previous parts of the roadmap, feel free to consult the changelog ) or go back to the homepage.

This is my personal roadmap / todo list. Feel free to contribute! The most recent code base can be found on github.

Citrine Alpha 0.7.5

Citrine Alpha 0.8

Citrine Alpha 0.8.5

Citrine Alpha 0.9

Citrine Beta 0.9.5

Citrine 1.0

Citrine 1.1

Citrine 2.0

Citrine 3.0


Join the project, write a plugin!
You can help by writing plugins! The following plugins need to be written, pick one and let me know you're working on it, I'll put your name(s) next to the plugin!

In Progress

These plugins are worked on. You can still offer help or start a new implementation of course.

Ready to pick up

Nobody is working on one of these plugins yet. Wanna help? Help us by creating one of these plugins. The Citrine C-API is really easy to work with and allows you to sharpen your C skills!

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