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Start translating

If you translate the two header files in the tarball below, I will release a new version of Citrine in your language. Download the Citrine translation C-header files.

header files

STEP 2: Open the translation files with a plain text editor, replace the English words between the double quotes with your translation.



- every translation must be unique, do not use the same translation twice
- if a word consists of just one character, the transation should also consist of just one character
- if a word consists multiple characters, the translation must also consist of multiple characters (of course the number does not have to be the same)

Do not change any of the following character sequences: %s : \n

So if the original text does NOT contain a colon, do not add one. If the original text DOES contain a colon, do not remove that one.

STEP 3: the new file to:

gabordemooij at gaborsoftware dot nl.

In your e-mail state the name of the language or dialect.


Keep an eye on this website as a new Citrine version supporting your language will appear soon!


Besides the programming language itself, the manual pages also need to be translated. By default, if I receive a set of Citrine translation files I will generate a simple translation table from the header files. Although this offers users of the localized Citrine version to look up the necessary keywords, this is by no means a good manual of course. If you feel up to the task, please help us translate the basic manual page, for instance you could translate the English / International version of the basic manual /en.ctr or create your own version of it. You can also just start with a summary, covering the most basic aspects of learning Citrine.

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