CitriNET Demo

Main screen after logging in. CitriNET demonstrates how one can embed Citrine into an application. It's an object database that can be used to store all kinds of data and employs Citrine to query and manipulate those records.

You can use CitriNET to build your own application, for example, a customer relationship management system (CRM), an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or a content management system (CMS).

You can query or manipulate the data objects in CitriNET by using the friendly Citrine scripting language in your mother tongue. In our screenshots we use the Dutch language.

Let your users build their own application

Select a pictogram for every record to visualize your database. In the example depicted in the screenshots, we use CitriNET as a time registration system. You can define your own objects and choose a pictogram for each object.

Database record in CitriNET Then fill the records with the information you want to store. You can choose different types of fields for dates, text, pictures and other types of data. You can query the data or manipulate it by using Citrine in your native language.


Simplified programming flow

Write a simple program in Citrine. Writing a small Citrine script is very simple. In the screenshot you see an 'Hello World' example.

Unlike a typical web application, a Citrine program is stateful and will be executed from top to bottom. You can request input from the user at any time, the program will wait until the user has answered. This simplifies programming because you don't need to find ways around a stateless protocol like HTTP.

Every Citrine program will automatically appear as a button in the right panel. Clicking on the button will start the corresponding program.


Ideal for power users

CitriNET query language This example program asks the user to select a date. It then proceeds to calculate the total time registered on that day.

No need to learn a complex database language.


You can download the CitriNET demo for free to see how Citrine can power your application. CitriNET is not meant to be used on production environments. CitriNET uses the excellent Websocketd library to turn a Citrine program into a web application using web sockets.

Download Download CitriNET Server Demo Package and try it for yourself. CitriNET Demo Server is Licensed BSD. System requirements: PHP (for the web application), Websocketd (to run Citrine online, included for Linux/BSD).

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