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Welcome to the online demo of the Citrine Programming Language. Here you can try the programming language without having to download or install anything.



This online Citrine demo is meant for testing purposes only. The online demo is a very restricted environment to test the Citrine Programming Language. The online version is limited in various ways. For instance there is a maximum number of execution cycles. There is also no file access and several other features have been disabled. For a better Citrine experience it is recommended to consult the download page.


Try some examples... ( copy-pasting is allowed! ;-) ), say hello world...

✎ write: ‘Hello World’, stop.

Or try your first loop:

{ :n ✎ write: n, stop. } × 10.

Sort a list:

☞ fruits ≔ List new
• ‘Banana’
• ‘Strawberry’
• ‘Mango’.

fruits sort: { :a :b ↲ a > b. }.

✎ write: fruits.

Or, create a map from two lists:

☞ meal ≔ List ← ‘Pizza’ ; ‘Hamburger’.
☞ price ≔ List ← 7.00 ; 8.00.

(price by: meal) each: { :meal :price
  ✎ write: (‘dish $cost’ dish: meal, cost: price),

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