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Roadmap 2021 and beyond

These are ideas for future versions of Citrine. This roadmap is just here to give you some idea of what I intend to do in the future, it might change at any time.

Roadmap for Citrine 0.9.3, Solleveld (2021):

Estimated release date: march 2021.

Plugin Development


2020 Citrine 0.9.2 - Wapendal

2019 Citrine 0.9.0/1 - Van Leydenhof

2018 Citrine 0.7.5-0.8.4

2017 Citrine 0.6.1-0.7.4

2016 Citrine 0.4-0.6


Around 2009/2010 I started a project called PenelopePHP. The purpose of this project was to make PHP code more readable by adding wrapper objects. The project tried to turn PHP into a Smalltalk-like programming language. In 2012 I decided to make the project more generic, rewriting it as a classic interpreter in C. Because of the JavaScript hype, I did another rewrite to turn the system into a JavaScript transpiler. Those projects were called DinkyScript. In 2014/2015 I decided to plan a major rewrite of the system again in C using an AST-parser instead of a classic parser. In 2016 I released the first official version of Citrine.


The inspiration for the Citrine Programming Language comes from Smalltalk (message-based, pure object oriented programming), JavaScript (prototypal inheritance), and BASIC (dynamic scope). The name Citrine refers to the yellow coloured gem and honours the short lived tradition to name programming languages after shiny minerals like Pe(a)rl and Ruby.



Want to help contribute to Citrine? The Citrine Programming Language can be easily extended using plug-ins. If you like, you can support the project by implementing one of the plug-ins on the wishlist:

  • FastCGI/WEB plug-in [TODO]
  • PostgreSQL/DATABASE plug-in [TODO]
  • MySQL/MariaDB/DATABASE plug-in [TODO]
  • SQLite/DATABASE plug-in [TODO]
  • Crypto plug-in [TODO]
  • E-Mail plug-in [TODO]
  • Math plug-in [TODO]

The following plug-ins have been implemented already:

  • Demo plug-in [DONE]
  • SCGI/CGI/WEB plug-in [DONE]
  • JSON plug-in [DONE]

Other tasks to be done:

  • Windows Version [Work in progress...]
  • MacOS port maintenance
  • Performance improvements

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