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Van Leydenhof

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The Citrine Project aims to explore the viability and usefulness of native coding. Citrine is the world's first NPL (native programming language) that allows people to write code in their first language. By doing so, I hope to make programming accessible to a wider audience and improve software quality.

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and 6495 other beautiful human languages to go...


Article: Van Leydenhof introduction (Dutch)

original author & founder:
Gabor de Mooij (gabordemooij at gaborsoftware dot nl) copyright © 2019 BSD Licensed

Special thanks to:
Twiggler, MadcapJake, DennisCGc, Takano32, LeoTindall, Janus, Shinriyo, Sean Eshbaugh, Marianne.
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The Citrine Programming Language Project