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Citrine is a Programming Language that has been designed to allow every man to write software in his native language thus making programming accessible to a wider audience (schools) and improve software quality.

In progress:

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and 6495 other beautiful human languages to go...


Article: Van Leydenhof introduction (Dutch)

original author & founder:
Gabor de Mooij (gabordemooij at gaborsoftware dot nl) copyright © 2019 BSD Licensed

Special thanks to:
Aavesh Jilani, Twiggler, MadcapJake, DennisCGc, Takano32, LeoTindall, Janus, Shinriyo, Sean Eshbaugh, Georgel Preput, Lina Dapkute, Marianne.
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Citrine Programming Language by Gabor de Mooij © copyright 2019, all rights reserved. Licensed BSD. Gabor de Mooij and the Citrine community. In-language (citrine.ttf) icons from the ionicons project (MIT licensed), FontAwesome (SIL OFL 1.1) by Dave Gandy - and Typicons by S. Hutchings (SIL Open Font Licence). 'Citrine in a box' icon created by Gabor de Mooij using multiple assets from the WikiMedia Commons Project.

The Citrine Programming Language Project