Citrine/RU has been updated


New Citrine/RU Version

| The Hague, Netherlands

Today, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of a new version of the Russian Citrine Edition Citrine/RU (direct link: citrine0.9.4-linux-ru.tgz). Roman Litwinow and I have improved translations for this language edition of Citrine.

Citrine/RU is the first version of Citrine that also features an additional Citrine Language Supplement. This Supplement can be used to improve the integration of Citrine into the Russian language. Besides a Russian Language Supplement, a Dutch Language Supplement has also been added. Both Language Supplements are automatically loaded in the online demo version as well. The Citrine Language Supplements can be downloaded from the Free Software page.

We will continue to try to improve the Russian version of Citrine to make it even more readable and useable for Russian users in the future (just like any of the other languages). So, these are not the final improvements, we will strive to add further improvements to all language editions in the future, creating more Language Supplements for various languages as well as refine specific Citrine Editions.

- Gabor de Mooij (project lead)

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