Citrine Project EU Partnership

Citrine Project EU Partnership

Technology Partner European Union

| The Hague, The Netherlands

As of today, the Citrine Project has officially been registered as a Technology Partner in the European Union Portal Participant Register Database . The Citrine Project has been registered under PIC-number 887673773.

This means the Citrine Project is now ready to participate in EU-funded technological innovation projects by research groups, industries and universities to integrate Citrine technology into products, thus allowing more people to understand and interact with advanced language-based programming technology.

I am very proud to say that this event represents a major step towards recognition of the international and regional importance of the technology provided by the Citrine Project. I am very glad to have taken this step, which hopefully marks the beginning of a new era for Citrine. I also wish to thank all the people in our small Citrine community who have been so kind to dedicate their free time, creativity and intellect to develop our beautiful localized programming language.

- Gabor de Mooij (project lead)

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