Citrine Python Extension

Citrine running under Python

Citrine Python Extension

| The Hague, The Netherlands

The first preview version of the Citrine Python Extension has been released on Github, in the Sorghvliet branch. This means you can now run Citrine as an embedded programming language in your Python application (using citrine_eval) and you can also call Python code from within Citrine. This is just a preview version though, the extension still has to be improved but I thought it would be fun to share this first version. There are some limitations to consider with this current version. First of all, Python callbacks can only return strings at the moment (but you can evaluate Citrine expression strings by sending the message 'object' in Citrine). More importantly, the current implementation is not thread safe yet, meaning if you plan to embed this version you'll have to run it in a separate process (CGI or forked). Upon succesful execution of a Citrine expression, citrine_eval() will return 1, otherwise it will return 0.

- Gabor de Mooij (project lead)

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